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Q Sports Triceps Bar For 2” Olympic Weight Plates


Q Sports Triceps Bar For 2” Olympic Weight Plates – Weightlifting & Hammer Curl Barbell With Spring Collars – Professional Training Equipment To Build & Strengthen Your Arm, Back & Chest Muscles.

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DO YOU WANT TO WORK OUT YOUR TRICEPS? This professional triceps weight bar by Q Sports has been specially designed for that specific area of your arms! Its special shape allows you to hold the heavy Olympic tricep bar above and behind your head without straining your wrists and hitting your head.

THE WEIGHTLIFTING BAR WILL NOT ONLY TONE YOUR BICEPS! Apart from your triceps, the triceps barbell will also strengthen the muscles of your upper back, as well as your chest and shoulders. Whether you do hammer curls, standing, or lying tricep extensions, the overhead triceps bar will activate multiple muscles at once.

 IS THE TRICEPS BAR NOT HEAVY ENOUGH? Then feel free to attach a 2” Olympic weight plate on each side. Don’t forget to stabilize the heavy plates with the strong spring collars that Q Sports has added to the package. Now, your triceps barbell should be heavy enough to add extra resistance to your exercise and challenge you.

 HOLDING A BAR OVER YOUR HEAD CAN BE HARD – unless you’re holding the ergonomic Q Sports triceps bar! Our overhead barbell has a webbed nonslip finish that provides you with an absolutely secure and unbelievably comfortable grip. In this way, you won’t have to interrupt your workout to wipe your sweaty hands.

 THIS TRICEP BAR IS THE SMARTEST CHOICE, because it is made with extremely durable materials that will always be as good as new. In fact, the frame of the Olympic overhead triceps barbell is made with solid chrome-plated steel, so you can rest assured that it will NEVER bend or break.


Triceps Muscles Can Be Hard To Exercise…
…unless you have the Q Sports overhead triceps weight bar!
We have designed this special weight lifting bar for all those people who wish to target their triceps muscles and make them stronger and firmer.
If you want to have optimal results without straining your wrists and arms, the tricep barbell is exactly what you need!
The overhead triceps barbell is ideal for:

  • Hammer curls
  • Standing overhead tricep extensions
  • Lying triceps extensions
  • Front raises

You Can Do This!
If you feel like you’re strong enough to lift more weight, you can attach a 2” Olympic weight plate one each side of the triceps bar.
The spring collars that we have added in the package will help you secure the plates sturdily in place, so that you can work out with complete safety.

You Won’t Be Training Just Your Triceps!
It may be called a triceps bar, however, this weight lifting bar will put many more muscles into motion!
Your arms, back, shoulders and chest muscles will all be putting effort during your hammer curls and tricep extensions, so they will be getting stronger!

Why Choose The Q Sports Triceps Bars?
This triceps weight bar is ideal for professional weight lifters and bodybuilders, so you can be sure about its quality and durability.
Here’s at Q Sports we’re confident about our tricep barbell because it is made with premium steel and chrome, so it is guaranteed to last a lifetime.
Plus, the triceps bar has webbed nonslip handles that allow you to lift it with comfort and safety. That’s convenient, right?

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