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Q Sports 4ft Straight & Curl Bars


Q Sports Straight & Curl Bars – 4ft Weight Lifting Barbells For 2”/5cm Olympic Weight Plate Dumbbells – Weightlifting & Bodybuilding Equipment For Gym & Home Training – Spring Collars Included.


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TRAIN LIKE A PROFESSIONAL WEIGHTLIFTER with the Q Sports professional weightlifting and body lifting equipment. This unique bundle includes a straight barbell and a curled weight lifting bar, which you can incorporate into your fitness routine and make your workout exercises more challenging.

THE 4FT LONG CURL BARBELL is a bit more lightweight than the straight bar, and its curved design provides you with a more comfortable and secure grip that won’t strain your wrists. You can use the curled bar to target smaller muscles, and work on your biceps and triceps. The curl bar is ideal for beginners, and for warming up.

THE STRAIGHT OLYMPIC BAR is heavier than the curl barbell, and it is an excellent choice for resistance and strength training exercises. If you want to increase the resistance while you’re weight lifting or benching, you can add 2”/5cm Olympic weight plates to the ends of the straight barbell rod, and secure them with the Q Sports spring collars.

YOU CAN NOW WEIGHTLIFT WITH EASE AND COMFORT, thanks to the ergonomically designed handles of the curl barbell and the Olympic straight bar. Both weight lifting bars have knurled handles that make it easier, more comfortable and much safer for you to lift them and control them. Even if your hands get sweaty, your grip will remain strong.

THE Q SPORTS WEIGHT LIFTING BARS are made with heavy duty steel, and they’re coated with premium quality chrome. Thanks to their strong, solid materials, you won’t have to replace these exercise dumbbell barbells anytime soon. Here at Q Sports we create only durable, high quality workout equipment, so you can trust us.


Do You Want To Tone Your Arms, Back, And Leg Muscles?
Then grab the Q Sports curled weight lifting bar and start some simple and fun exercises to warm up your muscles.
After you warm up a bit, grab the straight barbell push yourself a little more. Once you feel that burning sensation in your muscles, keep going for a little more. You can do this!
And don’t forget to be creative! Incorporate the curl bar and the straight bar into your usual workout routine and be prepared to be amazed by the results!

A Unique And Absolutely Practical Bundle!
The amazing Q Sports bundle includes two professional weight lifting barbells.
The curl barbell is equipment you have to use if you want to focus on specific muscles, like your biceps and triceps.
The straight bar can add resistance to your squats, benching, and other weight lifting and bodybuilding exercises for optimal results.
If you want to add even more resistance, you can attach 2”/5cm Olympic weight plates to each end of the straight bar and use the spring collars of this bundle to lock them in place.

Better Grip For Better Control And Less Injuries!
Here at Q Sports, we wanted to ensure that our workout weight lifting bars would be absolutely safe and comfortable to use.
That’s why both the curl and the straight bar have knurled handles that can prevent injuries and wrist strains.

Place An Order Today!
Made with chrome-plated solid steel, these two exercise barbells are guaranteed to remain in excellent condition forever.
So don’t waste another minute! Get the professional straight barbell and curled weight lifting bar set and start training today!

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