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Q Sports Olympic Weight Bar Clamp Collars


Q Sports Olympic Weight Bar Clamp Collars: 50mm Bar Lock Jaw Collar Clips | Perfect For Barbell Bars, Curl Bars, Dumbbell Bars, Tricep Bars & More.

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COMPLETE BAR SAFETY: Our premium bar clamps are designed to protect your barbells and help you add or drop weights that much faster. They will also help keep all the plates together so that they don’t get damaged during your sets or start to slide off and cause an injury.

PERFECT FOR HOME OR GYM USE: When it comes to bar collars, you couldn’t find a pair of more durable ones even if you tried. The Q Sports barbell clamps are designed to be extremely tough since they are made of solid Nylon Resin Frame & Thick Injection Moulded Pressure Pads that will make sure your plates stay in place no matter what.

WIDE RANGE OF USE: You may use these clamps on every bar featured in your home or commercial gym. They fit Olympic 2’’ barbells or dumbbell bars, making them perfect for squats, deadlifts, bench press, dumbbell curls, tricep extensions, pull-overs, overhead presses and so much more!

TAKES A SECOND TO PLACE OR REMOVE: Designed with a single quick action jam lock, you can securely mount these clamps on any barbell within fractions of a second. Put them on and take them off fast between sets in case you need to lower the weight and perform a few more repetitions.

SAFETY & FUNCTIONALITY, 100% GUARANTEED: Give our bar clamps a try and if you are not positively thrilled with their functionality and versatility, get in touch with us and claim your money-back guarantee. We can personally guarantee you however, that you will not be needing it!


Discover The Ultimate Solution For Your Home Or Commercial Gym
Once you start going heavy with those squats or deadlifts, you will notice that the plates may start to slide off and eventually fall off the bar, causing instability and possible injuries.

Plus, this phenomenon is very distracting for most lifters, forcing them to lift less weight than they possible can.

Not to mention the damage on your bars, your plates and your floors that can be caused by weights sliding off and dropping unexpectedly on the ground.

Presenting The Q Sports Premium Barbell Clamps (Pair Of 2)
Designed for use with ALL 2’’ weight bars, our bar claps are very simply to put on and remove. Simply slide them on and close the clamp to lock them into place.

You could theoretically use your standard spring collars but wouldn’t you be able to lift with complete peace of mind knowing that these bar collars are 10 times stronger and far safer?

Perfect For Quick Fitting & Removal Of Weights
Particularly if you need to quickly load a barbell with a lot of weight or drop the weight between sets without interfering with your rest intervals, these bar clamps will become your most-used gym accessory.

Perfect for barbell bars, curl bars, dumbbell bars and tricep bars, they are meant to upgrade your regular clamps, keep the plates from sliding off and helping you keep your focus during your sets.

100% Risk-Free Purchase
Give our collar clips a try and if you are not fascinated by their heavy-duty and premium design, get in touch with us and we’ll send your money back…No Questions Asked!

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