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Q Sports Leg Stretcher


Q Sports Premium Leg Stretcher: Heavy Duty Lower Body Stretching Machine With Soft Foam Rubber Grips For Static Stretching, Ballet, Martial Arts & More | For Men & Women.

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IMPROVE YOUR LEGS’ FLEXIBILITY: Invest in a premium leg stretcher that’s completely portable and allows you to stretch your legs regardless of your current stretching capacity. Whether you are a total beginner in stretching or you are a martial arts or ballet expert, this lower body stretching machine is exactly what you need to take your body to the next level.

SUITABLE FOR MEN & WOMEN: It is a known fact that women on average have greater flexibility than men and we’ve taken that into consideration when designing our leg stretcher. Featuring 5 hole adjustments, this stretching machine will allow you to progressively become better at stretching and move at your own comfort level.

THE LAST LEG STRETCHER YOU’RE GOING TO BUY: Made from welded 16-Gauge Powder Coated Steel, this leg stretch machine is truly as heavy-duty as it gets! Guaranteed to last for a very long time, it is completely rust-proof and water resistant and it is designed to endure and use and abuse by its user. Use it every single day, perfectly when you wake up or before you go sleep and witness your mobility skyrocket to new levels!

EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE TO USE: Forget about painful stretches and awkward yoga positions. This lower body stretching apparatus features a centre handle and two leg extensions with soft foam rubber grips that will render your stretching routine one of the most pleasant activities of your day!

IMPROVE YOUR RANGE OF MOTION, 100% GUARANTEED: Try out our comfortable and effective leg stretcher and if you are not totally satisfied with it, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to send your money back…No Questions Asked!


Discover The Foolproof Solution To Your Lower Body Mobility Issues

Did you know that the entire human body is a kinetic chain?

Lack of mobility and flexibility in your lower body can be reflected in the upper body as well. It all starts from the ground and when it comes to your body, your legs are your foundation.

By increasing the range of motion of your hamstrings and calves, you will be able to support a better posture, decrease that lower back strain and become better at your sport or any physical activity in your daily life.

Presenting The Ultimate Lower Body Stretching Machine By Q Sports

Manufactured from Welded 16-Gauge, Powder Coated Steel for added strength and treated with special Red Oxide Anti-Rust Formulation, our leg stretcher is truly unbreakable and completely rust-proof.

Get it today, start using it tomorrow and every day from there on and remember! You will be using it for years and years to come!

From Beginner To Professional!

It doesn’t matter if you currently can’t bend over to pick up your keys. It doesn’t matter if your lower back hurts when you perform a hamstring stretch.

This portable leg stretcher will allow you to comfortably stretch your lower body without any pain or discomfort.

Featuring 5 Hole Adjustments, it offers a complete range of stretching capabilities whether you are a beginner in the world of stretching or you are a yoga master or a Taek Won Do blackbelt!

100% Risk-Free Purchase

Try out our premium leg stretcher and do so with complete peace of mind knowing that it is covered by our ironclad Money-Back Guarantee! It is doubtful however, that you’re going to need it!

So What Are You Still Waiting For?
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