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Q Sports Gym Power Tower For Pull- Ups


Q Sports Gym Power Tower For Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, Dips, Leg Raises – Multifunctional Workout Station – Sweatproof Padded Arms, Back Support, Ergonomic Wide Grip Bar – Sturdy Steel Frame & Rubber Feet.

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BRING THE GYM HOME TO YOU with this professional multifunctional power tower. Q Sports has designed this sturdy fitness station to help you work out many different parts of your body without having to go to the gym. Forget all about expensive gym memberships. Our steel power tower is an investment that will save you tons of money!

STRENGTHEN AND DEFINE YOUR ENTIRE BODY using only this power tower dip station. The Q Sports power tower allows you to do pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, leg raises, crunches, and many more exercises to work out your arms, chest, abs, back and legs. You don’t need to use many different workout machines to make all your muscles move.

YOUR SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY, and that’s why we made sure that the arms and the back of the dip station are padded, soft, comfortable, and safe for your bones and muscles. We also designed an ergonomic wide grip bar, to ensure your complete comfort and safety during your fitness routine. This is a 100% professional power tower.

MADE WITH A SOLID STEEL FRAME, this workout station is light, yet incredibly sturdy and durable. The feet of the power tower have a rubber nonslip and anti-scratch layer to keep the fitness machine in place while you work out, and your floors intact. As for the foam padded arm and back support, they’re reinforced with a sweat-proof vinyl padding.

YOU CAN ASSEMBLE THE POWER TOWER YOURSELF, using the comprehensive instructions that Q Sports has added to the package. Both the assembly and the disassembly are easy and effortless procedures, so you will be able to use the dip power tower as soon as it arrives to your house!


One Workout Machine, Multiple Exercises.
Do you want to work out many different parts of your body – abs, arms, back, chest, legs?
Q Sports presents you with the gym power tower, a multifunctional workout machine that allows you to do:

  • pull-ups
  • chin-ups
  • sit-ups
  • dips
  • leg raises
  • crunches and more.

This is a professional dip station, so if you own a gym and want to upgrade your workout equipment, you’re at the right place!
However, you can even buy this steel power tower for your house to avoid expensive gym memberships and work out whenever you want.

Designed With Attention To Detail!
Our gym dip station is ergonomically designed, using the best quality materials.
More specifically, the frame of the power tower is made with light yet solid and durable steel that can withstand up to 150kg.
The back support and arms of the power tower machine are padded with thick foam and covered with a sweatproof vinyl layer.
Finally, the feet are covered in a nonslip rubber material that keeps the power tower sturdy and your floors scratch free!
Need we say more?

Don’t Hold Back Any Longer!
It’s time to place an order and get your very own Q Sports power tower station for your gym or house.
This is an investment you won’t regret, since the power tower will always be as good as new, and it will help you save tons of money!
So are you ready to get the body of your dreams, and have strong, defined, and lean muscles?

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