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Q Sports Dumbbell barbells for 2” Olymic Weight Plates


Q Sports Dumbbell Barbells For 2” Olympic Weight Plates – Set Of 2 20”-Long Bars For Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Biceps Curls, Chest Flyes, Shoulder Raises & More – Spring Collars Included.

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BUILD YOUR MUSCLES with the help of the Q Sports dumbbell bars! These professional barbell dumbbells will allow you to push yourself and muscles during your fitness routine. The 20” weight lifting bars can also help you focus and work on specific muscles during your muscle building exercises, so that you can strengthen and define them.

 ADD SOME EXTRA WEIGHT TO YOUR DUMMBELLS by attaching 2” Olympic weight plates on each side of the bars. Q Sports have added some strong and easy-to-use spring collars to the package that will keep the plates securely in place while you do your favorite weight lifting exercises!

PERFORM A GREAT VAERIETY OF EXERCISES and be amazed by the results! The dumbbell bars allow you to perform biceps curls, chest flyes, shoulder raises, side bends, standing dumbbell rows, and many other weightlifting and bodybuilding exercises. You can also use the lifting bars when you do lunges, squats and other leg or abs exercises for better results. Be creative!

 YOU CAN LIFT THE DUMBBELLS WITH CONFIDENCE, because the handles have been specially designed to provide you with the most secure and comfortable grip. Thanks to their ergonomic knurled design, the weightlifting bars will feel sturdy in your palms, and they won’t get slippery when your hands will get sweaty.

YOU WILL HAVE THESE DUMBBELLS FOREVER, because they are made with the strongest and most durable materials! Here at Q Sports we use premium quality solid steel and a luxury chrome finish that ensure the longevity of the barbell bars. That’s how we know that you will never have to replace them with new ones!


Do You Want To Tone And Strengthen Your Upper Body And Arms?
These two professional dumbbell barbell bars are exactly what you need to push yourself and build your arm, back and chest muscles.

You can perform many different kinds of weightlifting and bodybuilding exercises with these dumbbell weight bars, including:

  • biceps curls
  • chest flyes
  • shoulder raises
  • side bends
  • standing dumbbell rows
  • dumbbell push up and row
  • lunges
  • squats
  • dumbbell suitcase crunches
  • side planks

Make Your Exercises More Demanding!
The Q Sports dumbbell barbells are 2” wide, so they’re suitable for 2” Olympic weight plates.

So if you feel like you’re ready to lift a bit more weight, attach the weight plates to your barbell bars and use the spring collars to lock them in place.
And you’re ready! Now you can push yourself a bit more and get the muscles of your dreams!

They Will Feel Like They Were Made Just For Your Hands!
Once you hold the Q Sports dumbbells in your arms you will immediately notice how comfortable their grip is.
The ergonomic knurled handles have been specially designed to provide you with a secure and comfortable grip, even when your palms are sweaty!

The Only Dumbbells You Will Ever Need!
These weight lifting bars are made with heavy duty steel and a premium chrome finish that feels as luxurious as it looks!
If you place an order today, you can be sure that you will never have to search for new dumbbells again!

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