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Q Sports Battle Rope


Q Sports Battle Rope (9m/15m x 35mm): Bootcamp Power Rope For Full Body Training, Wear Resistant Fitness Rope For Cardio Exercise, Fat Burn, Stamina, Strong Muscles – Comfortable And Easy Grip.


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FULL BODY WORKOUT: Train for battle like a true warrior with the Q Sports training rope. The battle rope will help you train your whole body, get toned and strong muscles and burn fat! Use the battle rope to strengthen your arms, abs, legs, and shoulders, improve your stamina and lose weight!

VARIETY OF EXERCISES: This extremely versatile piece of gym equipment will allow you to do a wide variety of exercises for maximum results and challenging workout sessions! Use the battle rope to sway, throw, pull, swing or climb and make your training fun and powerful.

PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: The power rope can be used for strength and endurance training, fat burn and more, so it’s perfect for men and women of all fitness levels and backgrounds. The rope is great for swimmers, basketball players, runners, boxers and everyone else!

SUPERIOR QUALITY: The Q Sports battle rope is of the finest quality so you can have maximum results for a long time! The gym rope is tear resistant and extremely durable so it can withstand even the most challenging workout.

STRONG AND EASY GRIP: No need to worry about hurting your hands and skin when you’re in the middle of a vigorous workout! The power rope has a special ergonomic design that will give you a strong and easy grip for maximum comfort and ease.


Get The Body Of A Warrior With Q Sports
Do you want to train hard and get strong?
Are you tired of the usual workout machines?
Are you looking for the right equipment to get the body of your dreams?
Then look no further because we’ve got you covered!
The Q Sports battle rope is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Premium Quality
This fitness rope is so much more than just your typical rope!
The Q Sports battle rope is made with heavy duty material that is absolutely strong and durable for maximum results no matter what!

For Every Exercise
This sports rope is extremely versatile so you can use it for every exercise and to target every muscle group on your body!
Use the rope to train your arms, legs, abs, shoulders and back, burn fat, increase your stamina and strength and get the chiselled body of your dreams!

Perfect For Everyone
Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey and want to shed a few pounds, or you’re an experienced athlete that wants to increase their performance, the battle rope will help you do just that!

The power rope is great for men and women of all fitness levels and backgrounds.

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9m x 50mm, 9m x 38mm, 15m x 38mm, 15m x 50mm


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