If you’re passionate about health and fitness it might be your dream to do it every day. Imagine if instead of a 9-5 at your desk, your day was made up of weights, pumping music and happy, sweaty clients? Sounds more fun than

spreadsheets and endless emails. The flexibility, freedom and active-nature of being a personal trainer or fitness professional is hugely appealing – but how do you actually make the leap? We spoke to a number of ClassPass instructors who gave up their day jobs to follow their dreams to find out exactly how they did it. Bangs is a spin instructor at Boom Cycle. She never used to see herself as a fitness buff, but now she’s at the top of her game and loving every second. ‘I’d had a fairly successful lifestyle blog for a few years, during which time, I was a hardcore couch potato,’ says Bangs. ‘After feeling pretty “blah” health-wise for some time and needing to get active, I got into running. That became my new love. I couldn’t get over how it made me feel and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. I started a fitness blog so that I could do just that. ‘I knew the owners of Boom Cycle from having attended a couple of events at their studio. Back in 2013, I started writing their newsletters for them. ‘The more I hung around the studio, the more I thought I might actually be a pretty good spin instructor. ‘So, I trained up and made my debut on the bike there in 2014. ‘I had never felt more certain about where I should be and what I should be doing. I moved up the ranks fairly quickly to become a Master Trainer. Now I’m the Head Instructor, in charge of the ongoing training and development of a team of more than 30 instructors.

‘Getting to play a part in helping people get motivated and inspired means I have job satisfaction in spades. It beats sitting at a desk all day, that’s for sure!’ Josh Cooper is a HIIT and circuit instructor at Milo and the Bull & Un1t, and he always knew fitness would be a big part of his life. ‘I have always been keen to coach and teach others,’ says Josh. ‘Even looking back to my days at secondary school I always volunteered to be a sports leader and would help with the younger years with PE sessions. I would also volunteer as a football coach in the holidays as I found it fun and not at all like “working”. ‘This led me to the path of teaching, I knew I wanted to have an active job, something that would be constantly challenging but rewarding. ‘My plan was to study sports science at university and then continue on to gain the necessary teaching qualifications to become a PE teacher. ‘As I learned more and more through my course I quickly came to realise that teaching fitness was an option that I had not considered, but would tick all of the boxes. ‘Having gained my degree in 2011, I could not wait to get into a gym and start to put into practice what I had learned and for the first three years I spent time in a health club working alongside some amazing trainers who set the benchmark.